An in-depth look

An in-depth look

… In addition to our weekly group sessions, we also offer tailored 1-to-1 and small group sessions, along with the new Match Pack.

"My child already comes to your training every week, why would they need an individual training session?”

It’s a great question. It’s like sending your child to school, there are (insert number) children in the class, and the teacher has a specific subject they need to deliver in that lesson, but your child doesn’t quite get it - and by the next lesson, the teacher has moved on slightly. It's about having the opportunity to nail that element of learning missed in the moment.

An individual training session isn’t about what I am delivering, it’s about what areas your child needs to specifically develop, e.g, “They keep rotating on their dive.” Well… the cause of this can be any number of things, from not having sequential movement through the dive, a dominating decision to use their strong hand, or perhaps a lack of stability physically.

This type of thing will get picked up on very quickly in a 1-to-1 and a plan to correct any potential issues will be delivered. It’s essentially putting your child’s ability under a microscope and giving them the time and patience to understand the answers for themself, so they can self-correct going forward.

It’s not essential, but it will be of enormous benefit.

"Why does a few less people matter?”

We all develop differently and at different speeds. Perhaps your child along with a couple of others you know all struggle with a specific area, but due to the group dynamics in weekly sessions, we are moving too fast or too slow. Perhaps it’s about a transition into a new version of the game (full size goals for example). The small group sessions give us an opportunity to look at those details, but still in a peer-led environment, where your child might not be comfortable of having to deal with training/performing in front of the coach for the entire hour, perhaps they feel more relaxed with others in a similar situation.

The all-new Match Pack

Then we might have the flip side – goalkeepers that coast through training, not really applying themselves fully, but come game day, we see something very different. An unwavering focus!

As much as we try to emulate real game scenarios in training, we will never achieve it unless I get two teams competing for 60-90 minutes. Training is always an intense micro version of situations that can occur, or a focus on technical and physical detail, in order to give goalkeepers the tools required to be successful.

A game may change all that. The Match Pack includes a full warm-up (no coaching involved), game observation and written report after on the findings of the game. It provides a look into what we normally would’t get to see and offers insights that benefit the whole-game development of the ‘keeper.

To enquire about availability or to discuss your individual needs, email: or give Steve a call on: 07530 639 414

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