Analysis: dealing with crosses from open play

Analysis: Crosses from Open Play

Analysis: Dealing with Crosses from Open Play

After a series of 1-to-1 training sessions with Kai (a 2nd year scholar at Swindon Town FC) and observing various aspects of his game, I saw issues with consistent engagement on crosses. This video takes a look at structuring a session designed to remedy this.

The initial set up is something delivered on FA goalkeeping courses. I used it to zone in on Kai’s focus on the flight of the ball, so I can judge his engagement. The session then is adapted, to focus specifically on positioning, so that his engagement becomes clear and consistent.

As well as giving goalkeepers a better understanding of dealing with crosses, this video is also aimed at improving coaches' knowledge. The team structure when defending crosses should be built around the strengths of the goalkeeper, in order to allow them to be in a position of strength, when dealing with crosses.

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