C-19 Update: Staying true to purpose

C-19 Update:
Staying true to our purpose

Premier 1 has been a little on the quiet side and it’s not that we have forgotten about all our aspiring ’keepers. If you are active on social media, you will have seen the huge uptrend of activities in the back garden and, being goalkeepers, our eye will be drawn to the goalkeeping drills.

Although we have done a few videos ourselves, trying to stay in line with the Premier 1 philosophy, while delivering ‘backyard sessions’ is impossible!

The nature of what we do is giving our goalkeepers the multiple tools in terms of technique (which any good goalkeeper development program will do), but then create an environment where decision-making is paramount – in terms of mental, physical and tactical execution, completed with choice of technique. The natural chaos of the game of football is embedded in the DNA of our session structure.

We don’t just develop good shot-stoppers, we aid in the development of holistic, intelligent athletes that cope well with the shifting demands of their environment.

This isn't a cop-out…

If Premier 1 was to put out ‘backyard sessions’, working solely on technique, it would be the same as the majority of good goalkeeping videos that are already out there. The problem with this is how do you know that you are employing the correct technique? Either you don’t and therefore bad habits begin to occur; or you know it’s the correct technique, because you know exactly what the ball is going to do before it is thrown/kicked and therefore, no decision-to-reaction movement needs to occur. This goes completely against what we try to achieve at Premier 1 Goalkeeping.

I’m here to answer any questions for any of our goalkeepers or anybody interested in becoming one of our goalkeepers. If anybody wants a video on something specific, please let us know.

We will not be adding to the mass of the same that’s already available. However we still want to support you during this difficult time in your journey, so let us know however we can help

Stay Safe,

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