Covid-19 Update, 18 March Pt2

Covid-19 Update
18 March, pt2

Thank you to everyone who responded to the last update. There is no solution where we can keep everyone happy, but we can do our bit to keep everyone safe.

In all honesty, I wrestled with the situation throughout today, in not knowing what to do for the best. At around 3.30 this afternoon, I made the decision to cancel this evening's session at Whiteley. Later this afternoon, the Prime Minister declared that all schools are to shut as of this Friday.

The structure I would have to put in place to ensure we were meeting the latest advice and guidelines would mean delivering sessions that aren't true to the Premier 1 ethos and curriculum. Because of this, along with your feedback and ongoing developments with regard to social distancing, I have made the difficult decision to suspend all weekly sessions until further notice.

True to the sentiment of our other updates, I understand the importance of the role that football plays in our lives and I am no less committed to doing everything in my power to ensure that our 'keepers stay attached to their sport. I am already working on ways that we can stay connected, as a community, through our mutual love of the game. Please watch this space for online content, analysis and coaching that our 'keepers can use in the garden, or down the local park; on their own or with parents and/or siblings.

I am also looking at the viability of delivering 1-to-1 sessions, for those that are interested and will update you in due course.

Please remain vigilant, stay safe and look after those close to you.

You will be hearing from me very soon.

Take Care,

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