Covid-19 Update, 18 March

Covid-19 Update
18 March 2020

On Monday evening the FA advised the suspension of all grassroots football. Local FAs have taken this advice and placed all local leagues on hold, with many clubs also cancelling training. In light of this and further to our previous Covid-19 response (dated 15 March), I wanted to give you an update.

I would still like to continue to offer our regular weekly sessions. For me, the reasons for this are twofold:

Firstly, all of our 'keepers (and their parents) devote such an incredible amount of time and energy to their sport, I feel it is important that we do what we can to keep them connected to the game in some way – the absence of football can potentially leave a sizeable gap, which many players struggle to fill. We come across this at all levels of the game, usually when a player is out injured. Although the Coronavirus outbreak is not to be compared to a common injury, I feel that the sense of frustration from not being able to play or train and the lack of focus is still something we can try to address.

Secondly, during a time of widespread disruption to routine, uncertainty and perhaps anxiety; I feel that preserving a small corner of normality could be greatly beneficial in providing continuity and consistency to the children and young adults we coach.

I said this was an update, but I’d actually like to pose it more as a question… what are your thoughts on us continuing to run sessions? The current situation is unprecedented and very fast-moving. I don’t think it’s spreading fear to say that the sense is very much ‘when’, not ‘if’ additional steps will be taken to close schools and enforce greater social distancing. We think of Premier1 very much as a family and, as such, value your opinions regarding the decisions we make over the coming days and weeks. Therefore, would you like our sessions to continue? We will, of course, be adhering to the latest government and health authority advice regarding hygiene and proximity (and this may affect the structuring of our sessions, in respect of both number of attendees and how we deliver the curriculum).

Please email me with your thoughts and indeed, any concerns you may have.

If the consensus is that sessions should suspend, we will be looking into other ways that we can help our ‘keepers to stay engaged with other online content, such as videos, analysis and articles.

Warmest regards,

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