Blinded by the Lights…

The demands placed on children when competing in sport are often completely the wrong mentality. How can we help young players develop?

Mental Health Matters

Why continually investing in kids’ love of the game is paramount, equipping children with the resilience to overcome setbacks and solve problems for themselves

Half-Term Holiday Courses

Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th February 2019, 10am – 3pm. Structured development in a fun environment, for ‘keepers & outfielders.

The Little Things…

At Premier 1, we take great pride in offering structured training sessions, tailored to the individual needs of each and every goalkeeper in attendance.

Invasion of the Foot Save

The foot save appears in many forms – for the developing goalkeeper, it’s as much about knowing when these should be employed, as mastering the technique

Great Saves!

What makes a great save? In my opinion, a great save is either dictated by the complexity of the save, or the moment within which it happens

HO Supremo Pro – Glove Review

It’s difficult to do an impartial review when you’re in love… HO Soccer’s new Supremo glove delivers a knockout blow, leaving the opposition in its wake!

Expert Opinion…

… celebrities within the football media industry are stating all sorts of things and making them out to be FACT, rather than using their platform to educate players properly.

A Tall Order?

Is the height of a goalkeeper really important? The most destructive and consistent question that hovers over every young developing goalkeeper!